short funny quotes

👉 I Never Make the Same Mistake Twice. Three, Four times Maybe. But Never Twice. ( Just to Make Sure, you Know. ) 👈

funny quotes for girls

👉 Every Problem comes with a Solution, if it isn’t then its a . . . GIRL 👰 👈

funny quotes about life in general

👉 Knowledge is Like Underwear, it is Useful to have it but don’t Show it Off. 👈

very funny quotes in english

👉 Sleep is My Drug, My Bed is My Dealer, and My Alarm Clock is the Police. 😉 👈

funny quotes for wifes

👉 Never Laugh at your Wife’s Choices.. You’re One of Them… 👈

best funny quotes in english

👉 My Pillow is my Best Hair Styler, Every Morning I Wake Up with a New Hair Style. 👈

cute funny quotes english

👉 When a Newly Married Man Looks Happy, We Know Why. But when a Ten-Year Married Man Looks Happy, We Wonder Why. 👈

best funny quotes english

👉 Laughter is the Best Medicine. But if you’re Laughing without any Reason, You need Medicine. 👈